Emily Turner,
Executive Director, Ohio Association of Goodwill Industries

“I have always enjoyed working with Brandon as he is open to new ideas and finding solutions that work, particularly related to workforce development issues.  He is accessible and puts the organizations that he represents at the center of his work.”
Lois Rosenberry, Owner, Children’s Discovery Center

“During Brandon’s tenure with the Ohio Small Business Council, he consistently  demonstrated knowledge of  small business  issues.  He was attentive as we voiced concerns about troubling  legislative initiatives and praised those which we embraced because we knew they were good for business.”

Rachel Winder, Government Relations Manager, Benesch Law

“Working with Brandon was a great experience.  He provided high quality small business expertise and advice and was instrumental in helping my microbusiness clients meet their goals.”
Ken Wentworth (Mr. Biz), Founder and President, Wentworth Financial

“Since meeting Brandon over a year ago, I have been impressed with his ability to understand the needs of small businesses. He is able to lean on his fantastic experience to help them overcome the inevitable hurdles they face on a daily basis. In addition, he definitely has his finger on the pulse of legislative issues that impact the small business community in Ohio. Finally, thanks to his impressive network, he has shown an innate ability to connect the right people at the right time.”
Courtney Schmackers, Executive Director, She Has a Name

“Brandon Ogden with SBCO was professional and approachable as an advocate for our cause. Through to his counsel, I felt fully prepared for what was to be expected during my first opportunity to testify before a legislative body. As an additional service Mr. Ogden met me early the day of our testimony, reviewed procedure, and personally escorted me through the necessary channels to arrive at the hearing room within the statehouse. His calm and practiced presence was invaluable in that moment. Thanks to Mr. Ogden’s efforts, my voice was heard with nominal effort on my part but with major ramifications for the bill being considered.”
Kim Tapia, Owner, Polanko Group

“An advocate of many causes, Brandon has established himself to be a true champion for small business’ and women entrepreneurs across the Midwest. His technical and tactical legislative expertise has proven to be a critical factor in driving greater opportunity for the business community through policy. Brandon is rooted in his care and desire to see small business’ achieve sustainable success – I can think of no other individual I would rather have as a support mechanism in the legislative arena.”