Non-Profit Advocacy

Your non-profit organization has several similarities to small businesses, which is why it is instinctive that SBCO work with both. You both have to balance accomplishing your mission statement while ensuring that you have the funding and capital necessary to keep your doors open. Additionally, you are impacted by government rules and regulations, as well as local, state and federal laws. You may think since your organization has a philanthropic mission that the government will remove or reduce barriers, unfortunately that is not often the case. It may not be government interference that is a hurdle, you may be considering introduction of legislation that could allow you to grow and help more people, in either event SBCO is experienced and capable of assisting.

Finally, but potentially most importantly, funding is a critical component of your organization. There is not always a turnkey method to tap into funding streams. You will inevitably rely on contributions from individuals as well as private and family foundations, but have you thought about attempting to access state dollars? SBCO can advocate for you and your cause during state biennial budget negotiations. This may mean that we push for new funding in the budget or an increase in existing funding amounts.

You and your non-profit need to be brought to the table and given an opportunity to promote the great work you are doing and express your need for money to maintain or grow your programs or operations. If you are a non-profit or charity based in Ohio and believe that advocacy could positively impact your organization, please feel free to contact us.

Current non-profit areas of specialization:

Anti-Human Trafficking

Early Childhood Education

Workforce Development