Current Legislation

133rd General Assembly (2019 – 2020)

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132rd General Assembly (2017 – 2018)

Non-Profit and Philanthropic Bills

Senate Bill 4 – Expand expungement and intervention PASSED

Senate Bill 205 – Allow a corporation to become a benefit corporation

Senate Bill 244 – Amend penalties for promoting prostitution

House Bill 461 – Apply same human trafficking offense to all victims under 18

House Bill 520 – Increase penalty for soliciting if the one solicited is over 18

Pro-Small Business Bills

House Bill 10 – Permit intrastate equity crowdfunding

House Bill 98 – Address career information presentations to students PASSED

House Bill 154 – Establish commercial truck driver student aid program

House Bill 155 – Grant tax credit for training commercial vehicle operator

House Bill 189 – Change cosmetology licensing law

House Bill 263 – Allow dogs in outdoor restaurant dining areas PASSED

House Bill 398 – Revise law governing liquor sales by micro-distilleries

House Bill 492 – Establish women-owned business procurement goals

House Bill 493 – Make reciprocal agreements with regard to MBE and EDGE set asides

House Bill 522 – Allow outdoor refreshment area to include F permit holders

House Bill 551 – Regards hazards minors in hazardous or dangerous occupations

Senate Bill 220 – Provide legal safe harbor if implement cybersecurity program PASSED

Senate Bill 221 – Reform agency rule-making and legislative and legislative review of rules PASSED (VETOED BY GOV. KASICH) (VETO OVERRIDDEN BY SENATE AND HOUSE)

Senate Bill 255 – Reform occupational licensing

Senate Bill 293 – Require agencies to reduce regulatory restrictions